Projects and Case studies


homeSingle-dwelling villa in Kodeljevo, Ljubljana
homeSingle–dwelling villa in Rožna dolina, Ljubljana
homeThree-dwelling villa in Rožna dolina, Ljubljana
Single-dwelling villa in Kodeljevo, Ljubljana

Project of two individual houses, made for quality living in one of Ljubljana’s favourite neighbourhoods.

Single–dwelling villa in Rožna dolina, Ljubljana

Project of residential house with a pool and a large terrace, made with quality materials. Located in one of Ljubljana’s favourite neighbourhoods.

Three-dwelling villa in Rožna dolina, Ljubljana

Three large apartments, each with a terrace and spacious floor plans. Located in one of prestigious neighbourhoods in Ljubljana.

storeBIG BANG Stores
storeHotel Gredic, Ceglo at Goriska Brda
storeBOF, Ljubljana, Graz, Vienna
storeOutlet Centre Ljubljana, Brnik

Design and delivery of new Big Bang stores in Slovenia, including architectural planning,
management of construction on site, and coordinating multiple suppliers.

Hotel Gredic, Ceglo at Goriska Brda

Renovation of the historic Gredic castle to accommodate high-end hotel and restaurant.
Included applying for and obtaining EU funds, planning, architectural design, construction on site,
coordinating suppliers and transition to new management team.

BOF, Ljubljana, Graz, Vienna

The Challenge: Refurbishment and design of BoF store (Building of Fun) occupying the fifth and sixth floors of the exclusive STEFFL shopping centre in Vienna. The location of BoF required us to create an anchor interest so that customers would ascend to these higher floors, stay and shop at BoF.

The Solution: We integrated BoF’s state-of-the-art high-end entertainment systems consistent with the existing architecture. The ceilings were very high, and the right LED lights were chosen to attract customers.  We created a modern Bar on the top floor, so that all customers of STEFFL had to pass through the BoF Store for espresso or a spritzer. Although BoF is no longer there, our innovative work was the basis for the renowned Sky Café where one has a view of the newly renovated mosaic roof of Stephan’s cathedral and, at night, the illuminated skyline of Vienna.

The Result: BoF merged with Big Bang and our design nicely integrated them in the STEFFL.  We are still very proud of our Modern Bar that gave rise to the Sky Café.

Outlet Centre Ljubljana, Brnik

The Challenge: To get all necessary permits to be able to build the first Outlet Centre in Slovenia. Historically, the land was designated as agriculture and forest land; we needed to modify its designation so that it could be buildable.  To accomplish this, we undertook the almost impossible task to change the Municipality plan of Cerklje na Gorenjskem to be able to build on this land. The outlet location was important to the developers as it is near the main airport and Ljubljana and it is only 1.5 hours from Zagreb, Croatia.  It is also accessible from the main highway. In modifying its use permit from agricultural to buildable, the Ministry of Agriculture required us to plant the same amount of trees that we anticipated cutting for the Outlet Center. Another major challenge for this project was the road to the centre was in jurisdiction of the State.

The Solution: For our clients, we fulfilled all necessary applications and obtained special expertise and permits (environmental permit) for getting new Municipality Plan that would allowed building the Outlet Centre. We got a building permit and prepared a tender for the I. phase of the construction.

The Result: The building permit for the I. Phase of the construction of the Outlet Centre and all architectural plans for the II. Phase.



businessMicrosoft Ljubljana Office
business24SATA, Zagreb, Croatia
businessBOFEX, Big Bang offices, Ljubljana
businessBEBE advertising agency, Ljubljana
Microsoft Ljubljana Office

The purpose of the project was to rightsize the current office space in Ljubljana in the most appropriate manner whilst still retaining a high standard of customer and employee space.

As local project managers and supervisors of the construction we had to achieve project strategy and timeline, through all normal Microsoft PER process. We had to control the budget reporting fort he full duration of the project.

Architecture: Superform

Photos: Miran Kambič

24SATA, Zagreb, Croatia

The Challenge: “24sata” started as a newspaper and online daily in Croatia, covering cutting edge news and human-interest stories.  The office that the business acquired was in finished 3rd phase; it had a large open space with columns and big panoramic windows. We planned their new offices to be very inspiring, fresh and comfortable so that the staff were able to work there comfortably for long hours and to be freely creative at the same time. We designed specifically for the employees who were mostly young, interactive reporters.

The Solution: We created a space that was closed when needed and yet open so that the whole office environment is visible.  We built a glass wall and had it painted in a very modern way. We chose a design that was fun and partially translucent; it covered the places that we wanted to be more private and, at the same time, eliminated any feeling of it being a cubicle.  We created areas where people can meet and rest or discuss projects.

The Result: A fabulous and playful modern office with a red wall following through the whole office, dividing some closed offices and preserving open office space.  We are proud to have created an office that is busy and relaxing at the same time – 24 hours a day, like the name of the newspaper suggests – 24sata.

BOFEX, Big Bang offices, Ljubljana

Open space offices in old warehouse, renovated in a new vision of modern way offices.

BEBE advertising agency, Ljubljana

Modern offices for agency and architectural studio were made in old storage building, renovated in modern open space offices.